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About Us

Who we are

All in one Services was launched with the intention to provide a services to customers in a simple and cost-effective manner. The platform is set-up to provide support to the society by providing a hand for their day-to-day activities> Specifically to children staying away from their families from any part of the globe. “Think local be Global”

How we do it

The concept we adopt is to collaborate with the experts in the respective areas we cover and create a coordinated marketplace for one and all.Our frontline staff are well trained to handle situations effectively and are advised to escalate any matters that go beyond their capability so the back-end experts can take on the challenge and manage the same diligently and more professionally.

Our Story

We have just started to write our story and would like you to be part of the same to build and make it a success. We can only grow by adding your appreciation of what value we can bring to your day-to-day problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an eco system that uses Technology and people to engage and help each other in a cost-effective, safe, and secure manner.